How The K-Pop Stars Break the 5-Years-Popularity

Well, I’m so interest to write this post. And the title, is a legend that surrounding around K-pop Stars. If you’ve watched musical drama ‘Dream High Season 2’, maybe you’ll find how the drama tell us about the legend of 5-year-popularity.

As we know, there were many singers have debuted in South Korea. There were soloist, boyband, girlband, band, and many more. Of course, it will need some effort to stay more longer. Maintaining the popularity among many other star is not easy. Produce a bombastic song does not guarantee long-term fame.

And after I browsed , I found many ‘Legend Star’ drawing attention of netizen around 90s. Let’s check this out the review of K-Pop Star who have shone in musical:

  • H.O.T. Debuted in 1996 under SM entertainment consisted of Moon Hee-Joon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, and Lee Jae Won. They made their debut with their first album, We Hate All Kinds of Violance, gain some controversy as some of their song apparently plagiarized others and lawsuit were placed against the group. Being in the top of popularity, but in 2001 the group was disbanded. The reason why the break up happened still remain an unverified rumor for this day. One time, Kangta expressed an interest to make a reunite again, but Moon Hee-Jon claiming in March 2012, it would be difficult for the group to come together again. But, the only one that stay in SM was Kangta. Well, maybe the disbandment caused by the same case as Eric Shinwa. But then, that’s my opinion.
  • S.E.S ( Sea, Eugene, Shoo). Viewed as the female version of H.O.T, they debuted in 1997. S.E.S was the first highly female K-Pop group under the same management with H.O.T . The group was disbanded on 2002, after enjoyed their succesful for 5 years till 2001, and then they decide to broke up. The members, including Bada, Eugene and Shoo have gone solo.
  • g.o.d. Star to joining the entertainment begin from 1999, under the labels JYP Entertainment.The members were Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo, Danny Ahn, and Park Joon Hyung.They were one of few groups to have an album become ‘a million seller’ in K-Pop. But, unfortunately, they disbanded in 2006 and each members have gone to solo careers.
  • Fly to the Sky ( 1999 – 2009 ). Actually, they contracted by Sment for 1999 – 2004. And then they signed on with Pfull Entertainment for 2004 – 2009.Shinwa. Shinhwa was initially formed under SM Entertainment; however, it moved to Good Entertainment in July 2003, upon the expiration of their contract. Whilst under Good Entertainment as Shinhwa, each of the members pursued their own solo careers under individual companies. In 2003, Lee Soo Man, the head of SM Entertainment, only wanted to sign on Eric, but due to his offer, he rejected. He wanted to stick with the group as Shinhwa and not go solo. In 2011, members of the group formed Shinhwa Company to continue to perform together. They made their comeback to the music industry in March 2012, after a four year hiatus, during which the band members served individual mandatory military services, with the release of their tenth album The Return and concert tour.
  • Fin.k.L active on 1998–2002 then did a reunite on 2005.
  • Baby FOX ( 1997 – 2006 ). Although it initially had much internal turmoil, Baby V.O.X. eventually became a cohesive group from 1999 to 2005, releasing hit albums. However, after the failure of their last album Ride West, it began to unravel again. By the end of that year, all of the members had left the company, with some going solo, and others moving into other entertainment areas. Well, they passed 9 years together. But there were many problems so that commutation of members happened for several times.
  • Sech Kies. was a late 1997 – 2000 Korean hip hop boy band from Daesung Entertainment and onetime rival of H.O.T.

Yes, most of all group above tasting successfulness of them only during five year and later end in their disbandment. Maybe, they could passed more than 5 years together but I thought the real of their popularity taking place only for 5 years.

As we read, I found that the most awesome band is Shinhwa. They passed 14 years together, although they gloomy off some years lately, in 2011 they did an awesome comeback, it’s a real proof that they broke up the legend of 5-year-popularity.

Though there were many new ‘names’ which more fresh and young, however they persist the best so that they remain to earn to stay on South Korean’s Musical World.

One of the primary factor making Shinwa do not disband is what a marvellous friendship they have. Though have passed some barricade, but the strength of brotherhood among them becoming bollard of SHINHWA so that they still can enliven music world arena under name ‘ Shinhwa’.

When Shinhwa have their contract end, SMent decide to only signed to Eric, but do you know how Eric’s responce? He rejected it as he want to stick with the group as Shinhwa and not to go solo. Oh, I think I must becoming Eric’s fangirl. I’ll looking forward for him soon 😀

For now, Super Junior have passed their 7 year of this year, even several controversy things they have passed by. Like the withdrew of Hangeng through law process dropping reputation of SMENT. But seeing their hard effort, it’s possible that Suju will continue to maintain solidarity of them until ten years to the fore.

 Bigbang celebrate their six togetherness of this year, followed by Girls Generation, and KARA, to finish their five year of this year. And of course, TVXQ, even nowadays remain by two members, however they have passed 9 year.

And then, since I’m a totally fan of SHINee, I just wonder if they can broke those 5-year-popularity. Well, I hope they earn to continue their career on behalf of SHINee, followed to Shinhwa.

SHINee jjang!

source : wikipedia

arranged by me



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